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  • Tel: +81-3-5541-4400
    (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)

About ThinkSCIENCE

Our specialist editors and translators have helped over 10,000 authors to present research in English with authority

Our commitment to you

Your research represents you, and your career reflects your creativity, passion, and dedication - the countless hours in the lab, in the library, or in the field.

Here at ThinkSCIENCE, our translation, editing, and writing represent us, and our reputation reflects our quality - the thousands of papers published by our clients and our millions of corrections, improvements, and authoritative translations.

Underlying everything we do is our commitment to doing a great job: for you and for us. We enjoy what we do and we take pride in doing it well.

Our global team of subject-specialists will support you in communicating your research clearly, accurately, and authoritatively, and our customer support team will ensure your project is completed smoothly and efficiently.

What we can offer you

How we do it

Additional time to focus on your research, teaching, mentoring, and other responsibilities

When you have a manuscript ready, we will smoothly and competently prepare it for submission, publication, or presentation. And if you don't have a manuscript, we offer workshops, advice, resources, and expert guidance that can help you in producing one.

A stronger connection with the international scholarly community—no matter your language level

For many researchers, language lessons are not a priority—research, mentoring, and other ways of connecting with the international community are.

You're an expert in your field. We're an expert in ours: language and publishing. So, you can be confident we will convey your message accurately, clearly, and authoritatively.

One-to-one assistance in Japanese or English

We have a tight-knit team for customer care. Our customer-care team includes native Japanese speakers and native English speakers. Our attention to confident and comfortable communication isn't an afterthought: it begins the moment you contact us.

Relationship-based service—fast, not rushed

We know you're busy and that your time is valuable. By working with a small team of specialist coordinators, translators, and editors—chosen for your preferences and your field—we can understand and even anticipate your needs. That lets you get faster service, without being rushed.

Support, at any stage of research and writing

We can assist you at any time during the research cycle: from applying for funding through to publishing your work. We can also support you throughout your career as you write the many different types of documents you'll need.

The audience you need

To reach the best possible audience for your particular message, you need to publish in the most suitable journal and present at the most suitable conference. Our translation, editing, and writing services can help you target a specific audience.



Our statement of ethics

At ThinkSCIENCE, we are clear about our responsibilities. We actively participate in discussions, at the national and international levels, of best research and publication practices and ensure that we follow them.

Memberships and endorsements

ThinkSCIENCE is proud to be an Associate Corporate Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Our membership is just one of the ways that we engage in continuing education and training for our translators, editors, and other staff in international standards.

ISMPP: Caryn Jones, founder of and current advisor to ThinkSCIENCE, is a member of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, and ThinkSCIENCE endorses the GPP (Good Publication Practice) 2022 guidelines (English; Japanese, officially translated by us).

ThinkSCIENCE endorses the AMWA‒EMWA‒ISMPP Joint Position Statement on the Role of Professional Medical Writers (English; Japanese, officially translated by us) and the AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Joint Position Statement on Medical Publications, Preprints, and Peer Review (English; Japanese, officially translated by us).

As part of ThinkSCIENCE's commitment to make open access publishing available to all authors if and when they want it, we are among the first organizations worldwide to endorse the new Open Pharma Position Statement on Open Access. This position statement aims at making articles that report on industry-sponsored research articles available for all readers to access free of charge, and for the content to be reused by the authors without breaking copyright (ie, by using a CC BY license).

ThinkSCIENCE Statement of Ethics

ThinkSCIENCE Statement of Ethics

You can learn more about the latest ethical standards in scholarly publishing and the latest issues (e.g., predatory journals and fraudulent peer review) in the Resources area of our website and in our free monthly newsletter.


For more than 15 years, we've been very lucky to support thousands of authors, from Japan and overseas, to get their work published.

We also are very grateful to our customers for their confidence in us and for their continued repeat business.

Find out what our customers are saying about us.

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10% discount on your first order for subject-specialist translation, editing, and other author services ThinkSCIENCE: high customer satisfaction and repeat customer rate Ongoing savings and rewards for repeat customers

Company information

Company name

ThinkSCIENCE, Inc.

Date of establishment

May 2006


AI Bldg Kayabacho 2F, 1-6-12 Shinkawa
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan



Working hours

Monday–Friday: 09:30–18:00
(closed weekends and Japanese public holidays)

Tokyo office

Customer service and sales, editorial center, author training center

Yuki Hosoya, Representative Director

“Gaining insights for the future by learning from the past” — with these words as my motto, I aim to honor the vision of ThinkSCIENCE’s founder and the culture of quality, integrity, and collaboration that it has created. In this way, I hope to develop our company into one that is loved more than ever by our customers.

I also hope to provide services that meet the needs of our customers by drawing on the logical thinking that I cultivated as a systems engineer, as well as on my experiences as the president of Best Gakuin Corporation, an educational company with a 42-year history of helping students in Fukushima Prefecture succeed in their learning endeavors.

Caryn Jones, Founder and Advisor

Caryn Jones, founder of and current advisor to ThinkSCIENCE K.K., is originally from the UK and is a permanent resident of Japan. She has been working in Japan's translation and editing industry, specializing in science and medical communications, for more than 20 years.

Caryn graduated in Speech Therapy from the University of Wales in 1990. Her final position before moving to Japan was as a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist for people with profound learning disabilities. In addition to her clinical practice, she was actively involved in numerous local and national special interest groups, and was also a Makaton tutor. She facilitated workshops and training courses for speech and language therapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals, families, professional caregivers, social workers, and the general public while also working as a clinical supervisor for student speech and language therapists. She was the first speech and language therapist in the UK to work fulltime as a researcher, clinician, and educator in a fully funded multidisciplinary team that specialized in working with adults with profound learning disabilities and challenging behavior.

She established ThinkSCIENCE in 2006 to provide the highest quality communications support services to Japanese clients. Since then, ThinkSCIENCE's global team of translators, editors, writers, and customer service specialists has helped many thousands of clients, inside and outside Japan, to publish research articles, conference papers, monographs, textbooks, guidelines, and policy.

Caryn and her staff also lecture and provide practical workshops and private consultations on conference presentations, academic writing skills, and research and publication ethics to individuals and groups at research institutes, universities, and commercial enterprises. Caryn also consults for publishers and corporations on best publication practices and effective workflows.

Professional memberships: International Society of Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP); European Association of Science Editors (EASE); Society of Writers, Editors and Translators (SWET)

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