• Tel: +81-3-5541-4400 (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)
  • Tel: +81-3-5541-4400
    (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)

Science and Medical Writing

If you need help drafting a research paper, informational leaflet, book, newsletter, or press release, our science and medical writers can help.

All are highly qualified in their field and are published authors themselves.

Examples of writing services

  • Drafting research papers
  • Drafting prefaces to books and conference proceedings
  • Reducing the length of manuscripts considerably to meet specific word counts
  • Advising on the structure of monographs or books
  • Creating poster or oral presentations from research papers
  • Creating technical and general corporate brochures for companies preparing to enter overseas markets
  • Checking that medical papers or case reports conform to standard reporting guidelines (CONSORT, PRISMA, STROND, STROBE, CARE, etc.)
  • Creating abstracts
  • Developing interesting articles for a highly specialized audience or the general public
  • Writing press releases

Combine with our translation service to publish the content in another language.

For promotional material, your writer may work together with one of our expert copywriters to ensure your message is conveyed effectively to your target readership.

Pricing and Payment

Projects are priced according to the nature of the work involved. Please call us on +81-3-5541-4400 or contact us to discuss your project.

Looking for subject-area specialists?

Your research represents you, and your career reflects thousands of hours of your time.

Here at ThinkSCIENCE, our translation and editing represent us, and our reputation reflects thousands of published papers and millions of corrections and improvements.