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Savings and Rewards:

Members' Program & Referral Bonuses

Many of our customers are returning customers. We greatly value the opportunities to work long term with them—it helps us develop strong relationships so that we can learn their preferences and offer them the best service possible, each and every time.

Our way of saying a BIG THANK YOU for their continued business is to offer ongoing savings and rewards.

Take advantage of the following ways to conserve your research budget:

Free members’ rewards program

New customer referral bonus

Free members' rewards program

Our free annual members' reward program is our way of saying thank you to our returning customers, by offering them ways to save time and money on an ongoing basis.

Download PDF summary sheet of the annual benefits package for 2024–2025:


Annual benefits package (April to March)

1. Receive at all times in the year:

  • Standard translation: 5% price reduction, saving you money every time you ask us for translation.
  • Free certificates of Comprehensive Editing, Proofreading, Standard Translation, and Back-translation Services.

2. Also receive the following benefits, each of which you can use once, at any time, in the year:*,†

  • Revised paper and response letter – Edit/Proofreading: 10% off editing or proofreading of a revised paper that we have worked on with you previously and your new response letter. We'll ensure that the revised sections of your manuscript are worded correctly and consistently with the previously edited text and that your responses to the reviewers' comments are clearly and appropriately worded. (We're also happy to advise on appropriate wording if you are not sure how to decline making a suggested response.)
  • Guidelines for authors: price reduction to 4,000 JPY on one of our most popular extra support services. Your editor will ensure your paper conforms to the target journal's guidelines
  • Cover letter: free Comprehensive Editing or Proofreading of a cover letter (up to 800 characters/400 words) to accompany Comprehensive Editing or Proofreading of a full paper for initial submission
  • Abstract – Edit/Proofreading: 10% off editing or proofreading of an abstract written in Japanese or English (up to 800 Japanese characters or 400 English words).

*At most one of the benefits listed above in point 2 can be used per order.

†For even more savings, any one of the benefits listed in point 2 can be combined with a separate new customer referral bonus (a price reduction offered as a way of saying thank you to customers who introduce new customers who order projects with us).

Becoming a member

We encourage people to try our services for the first time by offering a 10% price reduction on their first project with us. We then thank returning customers through our annual members' reward program.

We sign up first-time customers for our free members' reward program when we deliver their first project to them. Of course, customers can choose not to be enrolled and are free to opt out at any time simply by asking us to remove them from the free program.

Using your members' benefits

For all future projects throughout the year, our project coordinators will automatically apply benefits to projects. However, if you would prefer to save a particular benefit to use for a later project that year, you can simply tell your project coordinator when placing your order. No fuss, no hassle.

A new annual benefits package is automatically issued to members at the beginning of April each year, and members are informed of this by email. Benefits not used for orders placed within March are lost and are not redeemable for any good, service, or any other value, financial or otherwise.

New customer referral bonus

If you introduce a colleague to ThinkSCIENCE and they decide to use our services, we will credit you with a referral bonus of 5% off your next job as our way of saying thank you.

And, of course, they will receive 10% off their first project ordered with us as part of our first-time customer offer, just as you did.

How does it work?

When you introduce someone to our services, be sure to tell them to give us your name and affiliation when they order any of our services for the first time (so we can later contact you about your referral bonus).

When they order from us for the first time, we will contact you by email to confirm that you have been credited with the 5% referral bonus.

  • There is NO time limit on using the 5% referral bonus.
  • You can use one 5% referral bonus per job.
  • There is NO limit to how many 5% referral bonuses you can earn… The more people you introduce who use our services, the more 5% referral bonuses you will receive.

Thank you again for your continued business.
Your confidence and trust in us is sincerely appreciated!

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