• Tel: +81-3-5541-4400 (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)
  • Tel: +81-3-5541-4400
    (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)

Support for Journals, Conferences, and Publishers

Our experienced staff provide a range of support and consultation services to journal editorial boards, conference organizers, and scholarly publishing houses.

Please contact us or call us (in English or Japanese) on +81-3-5541-4400 to discuss how we may assist you.

Examples of services

  • Copyediting of accepted English academic papers, monographs, and books according to house style, for publication online or in print
  • Writing and editing support for monograph and textbook authors
  • Provision of copy-edited production-ready files for immediate online publication or printing
  • Rapid checking of page proofs to avoid delays in publication
  • Ongoing advice and support for questions about language correction, publishing ethics, and handling of author issues
  • Evaluation and revision of guidelines for authors to ensure coherence, cohesion, and unity so that authors can prepare their manuscripts accurately and efficiently
  • Provision of workshops to authors about the latest in publishing ethics and effective writing practices specifically tailored to their subject-area specialties
  • Transcription of highly technical conference presentations and keynote speeches, which can be combined with our specialist translation, editing, or writing services, to provide high-quality, accurate records of important presentations/events
  • Writing, translation, and editing of advertisements, press releases, and event summaries for conference organizers
  • Consultation and ongoing advice and support regarding cost-efficient platforms, technologies, and workflows to optimize the submission, peer review, and production process

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Here at ThinkSCIENCE, our translation and editing represent us, and our reputation reflects thousands of published papers and millions of corrections and improvements.