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Training for Groups of Authors

Training in writing and presenting research

Our goal when editing your manuscript is for readers to understand your work clearly and easily. This allows them to focus on the importance of your message, rather than on the language in which it is written.

We work with many team leaders and administrators who organize training for small to large groups of young researchers, faculty, clinicians, and corporate researchers. Whether your group of authors is new to writing or presenting technical information in English or whether they simply want to refine their existing skills, we offer a range of courses designed to help them accomplish their goals.

All sessions provide real-world examples and tutor-led discussion to provide participants with practical skills that they can immediately use in their working life.

Choose from training in English only, Japanese only, or a combination of both.

Also, choose from our standard training sessions in general science, medicine and healthcare, and social science. Alternatively, ask us to customize any of our standard training sessions for your subject area or to create specific workshops and/or online study units or courses to meet your training needs.

What type of author training are you interested in?

Writing papers and related documents

We offer writing training in different forms to suit your different needs and budget.


  • Our practical online writing training helps researchers, academics, and healthcare professionals to improve proficiency in writing (and reading)
  • Courses provide real-world examples tailored for specific disciplines (medicine and healthcare, physical sciences, etc.)
  • Learners can study up to 7 topic-based courses, with individual study units teaching specific writing skills
  • Study units provide real-world examples and offer numerous tips and cautions for writing clearly, accurately, concisely, and authoritatively
  • Learners can test their learning in short interactive quizzes if they wish, download helpful resources to guide their writing in future, and receive certificates of study if they pass short end-of-unit tests
  • Learners can study any time they wish as long as they have an internet connection, can login using any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile), and can study individual study units in any order and as often as they wish

Group pricing starts from 3 members.

Presenting research at conferences and meetings

We offer writing training in different forms to suit your different needs and budget.

Presentation training

  • In a one-on-one meeting, at a location convenient for you, you will be coached by an experienced presenter to polish your English presentation skills
  • Your native English-speaking trainer will evaluate and provide feedback on your current strengths and on areas for improvement
  • During the private consultation session, you can ask your trainer about any specific presentation strategies you are concerned about and discuss changing any wording that you find difficult to say
  • You can choose to have the session video recorded: you and your trainer will analyze your presentation skills from the video recording during the session, and you will receive the media file for your review after the session
  • Practice your Q&A skills: your trainer will explain different strategies for handling Q&A, including dealing with problems
  • You can immediately put into practice what you have learned by giving your presentation a second time and handling simulated Q&A
  • Examples of customizations
  • Before the presentation coaching session, you can have us edit your slides and script (and any handouts) to ensure that you practice an error-free presentation that can be easily understood by your audience
  • Combine with an audio recording of a native English speaker presenting your oral script, so that you can practice your pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation at your leisure
  • Our specific Voice Coaching Service is designed to help non-native speakers of English who regularly make important speeches and presentations in English to focus on improving their pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm of speech in general
  • Learn easy techniques to help you feel more confident in speaking and to help your audience understand your message clearly. This service is especially helpful for non-native speakers of English who frequently give presentations at international conferences or take part in GCOE research gatherings, international policy meetings, or liaison meetings with overseas collaborators/corporations.


2 hours of private consultation: From 30,000 JPY

Each additional hour: 10,000 JPY

If we travel to your location, the transportation cost will be added.


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