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Our Team

Below are biographies of some of our native editors and translators.

W.N.Editor, Medical writer

MBBS, PhD. Australian medical doctor who trained in internal medicine and holds a PhD from a Japanese university for research in dermatology and immunology.


MS and PhD (Crop and Soil Science). An experienced researcher with peer-reviewed publications and experience presenting at numerous conferences and professional meetings.


PhD (Mathematical Sciences). Published papers in knot theory and graph theory, developer on open-source and shrink-wrapped software, multiple patents for high-throughput communications algorithms.

N.S.Editor, Translator

MPhil (Economics). Lectured in Economics at a U.S. university. Extensive experience translating academic papers, academic conference materials, and text books.


MS (Plant Genetics). Research background and former lab manager. Published more than 10 research papers.


MSc in Materials Science from Oxford. Translator of journal papers and conference presentations. Previously worked as patent engineer and translator.


PhD in Pharmacology. Formerly a researcher in biomedical science, lecturer in pharmacology, and experience in drug formulation. Published author.

M.T.Translator, Legal translator

BA (Japanese), Master of Laws (LLM). Legal translator. Certified lawyer with working experience in Japan.


MA (Asian Studies). Fulltime translator of journal papers and books who specializes in the liberal arts. Former research fellow and instructor at Japanese universities.


Master’s degree (MS). Employed as Visiting Professor of Medical English. Memberships: American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA).


Degree in Political Science. JLPT 1. Works as a journalist covering environmental issues, agriculture, and architecture & design. Winner of numerous awards for translations and feature articles, which have been published in leading publications in Japan and overseas.


Master of Public Affairs. Editor and fiscal analyst at a US state legislature. Experienced editor of academic papers.


PhD (Medicinal Chemistry). Winner of a science writing award. Published researcher.


MS (Chemistry). Graduated from Caltech. Published in J. Org. Chem. and Tetrahedron Lett. Has experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


PhD (Psychology). Published researcher. Translates journal papers and conference presentations.

M.F.Editor, Translator

Background in physics and molecular dynamics simulations. Did graduate work in physics and magnetic materials. Full-time translator and editor.


MS (Chemical Engineering). More than 10 years of experience translating journal papers and chemical patents.

M.Y.Technical translator, Interpreter

Background in chemistry. Translates mainly journals papers and patents. Chemical industry experience.

M.S.Editor, Translator, Medical writer

Published researcher. Many years of experience translating and editing biotechnical and biomedical papers.


MD with working experience in Japan. Fulltime translator.


PhD (Medical Genetics). Published author. Research background and experienced editor.


MSc (Clinical Pharmacology) with a focus on drug delivery. Experienced editor of journal papers, conference presentations, and grant proposals.

T.G.Editor, Translator

MA (Education Technology) with background in Mathematics. Over 20 years of translation experience, including translation of several math-based books. Knowledgeable of e-publishing. Previously a Japanese language instructor at a US university.


MA (Japanese Literature), BA (Philosophy). Fulltime translator specializing in the liberal arts. Journal papers, novels, documentary subtitles.

A.K.Translator, Legal translator

Legal translator with degrees in Law from British and Japanese universities.

H.S.Editor, Translator

PhD in Education. Fulltime translator specializing in education and social science.


PhD in Sociology, specializing in the sociology of medicine. Published researcher.


MA (Finance and Economic Policy), BA (Japanese Studies). Translator of journal papers and books.


PhD (Political Science), specializing in comparative politics and women's studies. Published author.


MA (Economics and Social Studies). Translator specializing in finance and business.

A.N.Editor, Translator, Interpreter

MA (Social Psychology), BA Psychology (Counseling). Experienced, fulltime translator and editor specializing in social sciences.

T.I.Editor, Translator

Degrees in Psychology and Japanese Literature. More than 10 years of experience translating and editing papers in the liberal arts.


MS (Public Policy). Editor of academic papers. Economist at the US Census Bureau. Lived and worked in Japan.


PhD in English. Published author of academic papers, novels, non-fiction books, short stories, and essays. Professor at a Japanese university.


PhD in Anatomy/Neuroscience. Research background. Published author. Editor and Spanish-English translator.


PhD (Physiology). Biomedical research at a pharmaceutical company. Published author. Worked at a publishing house and was involved in the production of 3 quarterly journals. More than 15 years' editing experience.


MSc (Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences). Research experience in Japan and overseas in bioscience. Published author.

K.N.Japanese Editor

Experienced editor and proofreader of medical and pharmaceutical texts. Worked in medical communications and publishing for 20 years.


PhD in Chemistry. Extensive experience as a research scientist specializing in structural determination of proteins. Published author of more than 20 peer-reviewed papers. Served as referee for PNAS, Biochemistry, and Acta Crystallography.


More than 10 years of experience as a technical translator in computer networking, software development, and cloud/virtualization technology-related fields.


MS (Physics). Worked as engineer at Japanese firm. Translator of academic papers.


Experienced editor of English manuscripts. Background in Biological Science. Studied and worked in Japan for more than 10 years.


Editor and quality assurance manager. Background in Health Science and experience in clinical settings. Trainer in science writing and publication ethics. ELS and BELS editing qualifications.

F.O.Editor, Medical writer

Medical doctor with PhD in Medical Science. Experience editing and writing medical communciations. Experienced lecturer.

C.J.Editor, Medical writer

Specialist speech and language therapist. Almost 20 years working as an editor and medical writer. Visiting Lecturer in science communciations and publication ethics at Japanese universities.

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