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10% discount on your first order for subject-specialist translation, editing, and other author services

ThinkSCIENCE: Ongoing savings and rewards for repeat customers with our Annual Members Program

10% discount on your first order for subject-specialist translation, editing, and other author services ThinkSCIENCE: high customer satisfaction and repeat customer rate Ongoing savings and rewards for repeat customers
Our specialist editors and translators have helped over 10,000 authors to present research in English with authority
Thank you once again for improving the logical flow of our paper and also making it beautiful. We used an AI tool (ChatGPT) for paraphrasing and grammar checking when we were preparing the manuscript. ChatGPT is certainly a useful tool for us non-native English speakers, however, ChatGPT alone would not have produced such a beautiful paper. We were impressed once again by the high quality of your editing service.

T.K., neurosurgery hospital

I was very impressed when I read the translated and edited manuscript. It's excellent. I felt that both the translator and editor understood the content of the manuscript. Also, [your comments and advice to me were] well researched and accurate. It was a good experience. Please convey my thanks to everyone involved.

M.K., Komatsu University

No other editing service has ever got what exactly I wanted to say to this level, including not only correcting grammatical errors, but also reading into mathematical statements. Thank you so much. I appreciate you have offered a high-quality job despite my request for short delivery.

K.H., Saitama University

Even with the many editing services available, I feel ThinkSCIENCE provides the highest quality editing. [For this new project], I would also like to ask for your help.

I.H., Yokohama City University

To be honest, I was surprised at how the edit was so much more comprehensive than I had expected. I was also a little surprised that the contents were so deeply understood. Compared with my unedited document, the edited version was much better because it was much clearer and easier to read.

K.U., Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

I'm glad to continue the cooperation with you next time. I will also unreservedly recommend your company to my colleagues or students. High-quality service, reasonable price and mutual trust are the basis of any cooperation. I think you meet the above conditions. Thanks again for your language editing service.
Your company will also be my first choice for long-term cooperation in the future.

X.W., Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A paper that was edited by ThinkSCIENCE was chosen for the Best Paper Award in the Department of Agriculture recently. I thank you for making this paper into a fine English paper.

T.T., Japan

When I used another company's services previously, there was no consistent use of terminology, so I had to check and fix the whole document after editing. With your services, I have never had to do this. I'm very grateful to you for making my writing much clearer.

H.E., Nihon Fukushi University

There was a remarkable difference from my own translation, so I'm very satisfied. Since it was just an abstract, I thought it would be quite difficult to grasp the contents, but the translator was able to understand it.

M.H., xx Inc.

The manuscript was worded concisely. I thought the Guidelines for Authors service was very convenient.

K.F., Japan Atomic Energy Agency

I am satisfied with the in-depth, easy-to-understand edit. Having two versions of the edited document, one with edits shown and the other as the final version, is good and convenient.

Y.K., Aichi Gakuin University

From the journal I submitted my manuscript to, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A, I received an email saying my manuscript was accepted. My manuscript was accepted this quickly only thanks to your outstanding editing. I just wanted to let you know.

Kyoto University

Yesterday, the European Journal of Neuroscience accepted the manuscript you edited for me the other day, with no changes. Thank you.

The Jikei University School of Medicine

Two of my papers will be consecutively published in the monthly issues X and X of the Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, which are currently in press. My third paper was accepted for publication in the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases. Thank you.

Y.M., Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences

The other day, the editor informed me of the great news that several of my revised manuscripts were accepted and will be published in a special issue of Thin Solid Films. Although I thought letting you know this information might be a little strange, this is the first manuscript that I wrote as first author and until now my research results have not gone as expected, so I'm all the more happy.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School

I am extremely satisfied with my translated document. The short comments from the translator instilled confidence in me. Coming from someone I was working with for the first time, I felt very happy. I look forward to continuing working together and on my writing.

T.S., Oita University

The manuscript was accepted for publication as is without any further modification. Thank you so much.

F.K., The Jikei University School of Medicine

Thank you so much for being so quick. I am pleased with your high-quality translation. The comments I received from the translator are correct, so I have no particular issues. Please tell the translator I was happy with the translation.

International Research Center for Philosophy

The manuscript I had your company edit has been published in Int. J. Mod. Phys. I'm sorry for informing you so late about this. Thank you for your outstanding editing. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kyoto University

The manuscript you edited for me the other day was accepted by the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The referee said "The authors have adequately addressed the point made in the initial review."

H.N., Hoshi University

Thank you so much for your editing. The yellow-highlighted parts are useful for helping me clarify ambiguous content. At the same time, your editing expresses what I wish to describe. I am very glad that the paper became so beautiful. I am looking forward to your support again in the near future. Thank you.

Beppu University


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