• Tel: +81-3-5541-4400 (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)
  • Tel: +81-3-5541-4400
    (Monday–Friday, 09:30–18:00)

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For all customers: Save on translation projects if you can wait just a few days longer than usual for delivery. Use campaign code: TS15-Tran15%

Not everyone needs a translated research paper returned within 7-10 working days or a translated abstract within 4 working days. If you’re happy to wait a little longer, we’re very pleased to offer you 15% off your translations.*

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Enter the campaign code TS15-Tran15% below to receive your translation project in up to 15 working days for research papers and 7 working days for abstracts.

*This offer cannot be combined with our usual offer of 10% off for first-time customers or 5% off Standard Translation for ThinkSCIENCE members. A different percentage may apply to large projects that require special handling.


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